Effective Interventions to Reduce Rehospitalizations

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The person most likely to end up in hospital tomorrow is the one being discharged today.

The IHI has a survey of the published evidence with regard to hospital readmissions and has also compiled a ‘Compendium of Promising Interventions’. They are available on this page.

This survey of the published literature regarding the effective interventions to reduce avoidable rehospitalizations revealed that the current body of published interventions fall into four broad categories:

  1. enhanced care and support during transitions;
  2. improved patient education and self-management support;
  3. multidisciplinary team management; and
  4. patient-centered care planning at the end of life

If you are in San Diego in April you may like to participate in the two day seminar ‘Reducing Avoidable Readmissions by Improving Transitions in Care.’. If not, you can watch the 50 minute video guide.

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